OWNER: Pittsburg Parking Authority

LOCATION: Pittsburgh, PA


TOTAL AMOUNT: $769,000.00

Ft. Duquesne & 6th Parking

Firewatch replaced original HVAC equipment that was over 40 years old and had significantly exceeded its useful service life. The new system is both more reliable and energy efficient than the system it replaced. Existing Piping, electrical, conduit, insulation and equipment was all replaced.

Major equipment supplied included four air handling units supplying up tp 3660 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of airflow, closed circuit cooling tower with 200 gallon per minute (GPM), chiller with 151 GPM Capacity (200 GPM chiller condenser), redundant pumps for chilled, hot and condenser water, controlled by automatic failover in the event of pump failure and fully automated controls system allowing for remote control and monitoring. The system has the capability for both high and low pressure stream supply.

The project site was a parking garage with commercial space in a busy downtown area. Cooling tower was located on the roof, necessitating a complicated crane lift and street closures.