OWNER: Department of the Navy NAVFAC Europe Africa SW Asia. 

LOCATION: Camp Lemonnier Djibouti, Africa


TOTAL AMOUNT: $578,541

MAAS / MRES Concrete Arrestor Gear Pads

Design/Build: Provide (8) concrete foundation pads and anchoring devices for the installation of a mobile aircraft arresting systems (MAAS) and mobile runway edge sheaves (MRES) to complete an aircraft arresting system at each end of an active runway. Each pad was 14' by 18' and 4'-6" deep. Work also included site excavation, grading, compacting grubbing in additional to the poured-in-place concrete pads and reinforcement. Coordination and communication with the Air Traffic Controller was critical throughout the duration and required 10+ shutdowns per day to comply with active runway regulations.