OWNER: US Department of Labor (DOL) Management &  Training Corp (MTC) 

LOCATION: Job Corps Center San Marcos, TX


TOTAL AMOUNT: $710,000

Natural Gas Distribution System Replacement

Design/Build: Design and installation of a new natural gas distribution system for the entire Gary Job Corps facility, which is comprised of 52 separate buildings. As part of the design scope, Firewatch submitted both 30% and 100% design drawings for approval to the client. Approximately 17,000 linear feet of underground medium density polyethylene natural gas pipe along with associated fittings and adaptors was installed, along with shutoff valves to allow for the isolation of each building. New shutoff valves, meters, regulators and risers were also provided for all buildings. Additionally, new key valves and rotary check meter was installed at the receiving station to monitor usage for the entire center.  As part of the construction process, 14,000 Square Feet of asphalt parking lots, concrete sidewalks and grass areas were excavated and brought back to original condition after completion of construction.