OWNER: Navy Public Works Department 

LOCATION: Camp Lemonnier Djibouti, Africa


TOTAL AMOUNT: $89,199.00

Relocate Generators & Install ATS Roof at 650 Compound

Relocate (2) existing power generators to existing concrete pads. Work included a technical survey with layout, excavation of electrical trench, install a new underground electrical duct bank with (6) 4" PVC conduits and (5) #4/0 AWG wires below grade and provide grounding system. Modify the (2) existing 5'x 9' pads to accommodate the relocated 7' x 12' generators. Work also included the construction of a permanent roof shelter for the Automatic Transfer Switch to protect it from the sun and prevent overheating. Only 1 power outage was allowed as the backup UPS could only provide limited service and this facility provided crucial base operations.