OWNER: Department of Dearborn of Public Works. 

LOCATION: Dearborn, MI


TOTAL AMOUNT: $13,200,926

Sewer Separation CSO 004, Phase II

Scope of work included demolition and installation of 25,000 linear foot of 10" to 60" dia. Sanitary and Storm Sewer piping, 218 manholes, catch basins and inlets, 17,143 linear foot of sanitary sewer leads, 21,611 linear foot of 6" to 12" dia water mains, 64 8" gate valves and gatewells. Work also included extensive site work and restoration to include: remove and replace 98,000 SY of asphalt, 210,139 square foot of concrete sidewalk and driveway, 98,000 SY of 6" aggregate base, 55,070 linear foot of subgrade underdrain, 12,405 CY  of roadway excavation, 43,448 SY of topsoil and sod and 43,964 linear foot of CCTV inspection for sewers.