OWNER: Department of the Air Force 772D ESS / AFCEC. 

LOCATION: Thule AFB, Greenland


TOTAL AMOUNT: $3,985,344

Various Repairs to POL Facilities

Scope of work included installing a 6" concrete secondary spill containment curb around fuel tank, demolish existing wood platforms and stairs and install new steel platforms, catwalks and steel grating on top of 8" reinforced pad, install (12) new sump separators at the bulk fuels tanks, repair 1,075 square foot of damaged containment liner and protective fabric. Work was completed in 2 Phases as onsite work is restricted during the winter months. Thule AFB is located 940 miles from the North Pole and is the Air Forces northernmost installation. Construction supplies could only be delivered time per year via boat, which required significant planning.